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Six Years of War, Department of National Defense

Canadian Tanks in Sussex: Watercolour - Major W.A. Ogilvie

Readers can link to Six Years of War, Volume 1 and be introduced to the Official History of the Canadian Army In the Second World War, Volume I, SIX YEARS OF WAR - The Army in Canada, Britain and the Pacific by Colonel C.P. Stacey, O.B.E., C.D., A.M., Ph.D., F.R.S.C., Director, Historical Section, General Staff.

One will find sixteen long chapters of Canadian wartime history including some references to Combined Operation training centres and activities. Each chapter is sub-divided into numerous parts and these are accompanied by a wealth of Appendices, Charts and Tables, Maps, Sketches and Illustrations.

Combined Training Operation in Canada. Assault training at the
Combined Operations School, Courtenay, B.C., January 1944.
Photograph courtesy National Film Board. Page 114

About Combined Operations: Chapter headings and various sub-headings lead us to several mentions, particularly in Chapters X, XI and XII, related to Major Raiding Projects 1942, The Raid on Dieppe, 19 August 1942, and Dieppe: Losses, Comments and Aftermath.

In my opinion, the patient reader will be occasionally rewarded with good information related to the Combined Operations organization.

Training in Assault Landings. Canadian division troops embarking
in personnel landing craft, October 1942, while undergoing training
at the RCASC Battle School located at Cickmere Haven

Photo Credits - Six Years of War, online site

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